About us

   New Journey Church is a church community dedicated to passionately following 3 simple (yet challenging!) Biblical principles: desiring God, seeking His kingdom first, and being discipled and discipling others.  We are seeking daily to be the church and pursue the mission that God has called us to in this life.  That mission is to live out the calling of life in Christ.  We believe that being leads to doing.  That is why our first and primary missional emphasis is on desiring God.  The call to desire God is found repeatedly throughout the scriptures as the overall emphasis of who we are to be as Christ followers and as the body of Christ.  In Psalm 37:4 we read about delighting ourselves in God and receiving the desires of our heart.  At New Journey we believe that finding joy in Christ is not a secondary pursuit but is the primary pursuit of a Christ follower.  We appreciate the line of the Westminster statement of faith that reads, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.”

    At New Journey we filter our entire ministry through these basic principles. Jesus taught us in scripture the concept of filtering everything through the will of God.  When Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane praying and asking God the Father to take the imminent pain of crucifixion away he vetted this request through the will of the Father.  This is our desire as a church body.  We believe that by seeking these principles we are prepared to be able to accomplish the Great Commission given to us by Christ in Matthew 28:16-20, to go into the world and make disciples of all peoples.  We believe that this is the fruition of a life centered on desiring God and seeking His kingdom first.

    Discipleship is part of who we are.  We believe in living life out authentically as the body of Christ in fellowship with one another.  Discipleship is often not comfortable; as the word itself comes from the root word discipline!  We aspire to live life out together in community with one another practicing truth through speaking, proclaiming, and applying scripture to our daily life.  We aspire to love one another through confronting one another in their sin, and showing God’s grace through repentance and forgiveness.  While life together in community is certainly not comfortable, and often leaves us feeling vulnerable, we believe that true and authentic relationships hold us accountable to life in Christ and allow us to become mature Christ followers participating in the joy and beauty of this life with the ultimate aspiration for the life to come.  While we aspire to all these things, we also recognize that we will never perfectly inculcate these values in our daily life.  The only thing that we can promise each other is that we will fail one another.  No one at New Journey will ever fulfill the role that Christ was meant to fulfill.  If you are looking for a journey with other imperfect Christ followers who desire God, are seeking His kingdom first, and are being discipled and discipling others, then we welcome you to join us on that journey.

   New Journey church was organized in 1895 as Rosebud Baptist Church.  It was incorporated three years later as the Norwegian Baptist Church.  But by 1953, the church was already well known as the Fosston Baptist Church. So they decided to change the articles of incorporation to reflect that reality.  Each name change provided a significant opportunity for the congregation to refocus or expand its ministry identity toward township, ethnicity, or community, and now to regional spiritual impact.

   New Journey Church is part of Converge North Central (formerly: Minnesota Iowa Baptist Conference) and Converge Worldwide (formerly: Baptist General Conference).


New Journey Church

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